There are a lot of things that could go wrong with your automobile. Some of these issues include broken and cracked head gasket, failing and seizing engine, blown suspension struts, and more. Luckily, those examples are the worst-case scenarios that your car can get. But you won’t be dealing with that once you consider regularly maintain your car and visit your trusted?mechanic Lexington NC. For that, here are some of the common car maintenance and repairs that you should let the experts do it for you as much as possible.?

Replacement of air filter

Whenever drive your car, it will begin the combustion process right away. While your engine obtains oxygen, the air filter will act as a protector to keep some debris from getting inside the engine and harms important internal parts.?

But the filter eventually gets numerous grime and dust throughout the process. Once there will be a lot of accumulated dirt on the filters, it’ll stop enough amounts of air from entering the engine. Hence, it can obstruct the performance of your engine.?

Replacement of spark plug

Your automobile requires 3 things to begin the process of internal combustion, which are heat, fuel, and oxygen. Spark plugs are intended to give electricity to burn fuel, providing life to your engine. Once your spark plugs eventually wear down, the performance of your engine gets adversely impacted. That’s the time when your automobile slowly accelerates, misfires begin to consume excessive fuels, or just idles whenever it can.?

Replacement of brake

When your brakes eventually become worn down, it’s best to have them replaced as soon as possible—unless you want to risk yourselves while driving on the road. Generally, it’s highly recommended that brakes must be changed every time you reach 50,000 miles. But, such a number can change based on the quality of your rotors and brake pads, the condition of the road, and your driving habits.?

Oil change

The oil change is one of the most asked automobile services in most car repair service shops. That’s because most car owners believe that oil changes are among the most crucial part when it comes to maintaining automobiles.?

You’re probably aware that you need to have your vehicle serviced every 5,000 miles. But have you asked why is this necessary? To answer that, you should keep in mind that your vehicle has numerous internal parts that require to be lubricated constantly for the unit to seamlessly function. If not, parts will suffer from damage, overheat, and wear down.?

Inspect for engine light service

It can be frightening to see that your check engine light turns on unexpectedly. Fortunately, that scenario does not always mean that the damage is concentrated on your car engine. At times, it could be something as minimal as a burnt-out sensor or a loose fuel cap. Once you can experience this, make sure to contact your car technician and have your car scanned to determine the culprit behind it.?